Blind date: ‘I think I had my work cut out after admitting I was an accountant’

Putting down his quill, Harry Potter turned to his wife with a frown. After nearly five years of being in a relationship with Ginny, and several years of knowing her before that, he knew she had a tendency to pick up conversations from hours earlier as though no time had passed, but he couldn’t think of anything they’d been talking about recently that would require her announcing she’d got the answer to a problem he didn’t know existed. Hermione Granger was Harry’s best friend, and as far as Harry was aware there was nothing wrong with his friend. They worked together every day in the Auror Department, and Hermione seemed perfectly fine to him. Until eighteen months ago, Hermione had been dating Harry’s other best friend and Ginny’s brother, Ron Weasley. However, their vast differences had ultimately proved insurmountable and they’d called it a day.

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If you have a banner which is featured on this blog, that is currently uncredited, please let me know and I will make sure this is rectified immediately. Nothing made her happier then to see the back of a man as he fled to get away from her. She was having so much fun until she ended up on a date with the most chauvinistic man in New York. How could one date have gone so wrong?

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It is also a sequel to the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. After eighteen years of solitude, renowned warrior-maiden Shu Lien emerges from retirement and travels to Peking , where the Green Destiny—the legendary sword of her deceased love Li Mu Bai—is located. In the forest, Shu Lien’s carriage is attacked by several warriors from the West Lotus clan. As she fights them, a masked horseman comes to her aid, and together they defeat the attackers, revealing one’s identity to be a young man called Wei Fang.

As Dai approaches, she draws a sword and attempts to kill him, although he easily fights her off, and she flees. As Wei Fang makes his way through the forest, he is approached by a blind enchantress, who orders him to take her to Dai. She tells Dai that his great sword is surpassed by the Green Destiny, and prophesies that if he is to rule the Martial World, he must obtain the sword.

Dai is reluctant to storm the home of the emperor’s brother, but the enchantress tells him to send Wei Fang, as the boy and the sword are bound by destiny itself. Shu Lien arrives in Peking, and is taken to the house of Sir Te, a man like a father to her, who has recently died. Te’s son greets her and reveals that the Green Destiny is kept on display at the house, also recalling the unmentioned love between Li Mu Bai and Shu Lien. That night as Wei Fang breaks into the house and attempts to steal the sword, Snow Vase appears and fights him.

During the fight, Snow Vase sees a birthmark on Wei Fang’s chest, which distracts her and allows him to escape. She calls for help and Shu Lien arrives and captures the boy. At a tavern, Meng Sizhao known as Silent Wolf in the West , the horseman who came to Shu Lien’s aid, posts a warrant for warriors to join him protecting the House of Te.

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Kurt shot his Dad and Stepmom a long-suffering glance as he took the pot roast out of the oven; they’d been going around and around on this subject for the last 20 minutes. And honestly, it wasn’t the first time it had been brought up by Burt and then subsequently shot down by Kurt. You don’t need to try it to find out.

Burt cleared his throat to get the attention back to the matter at hand, “Don’t try and change the subject Kurt. The subject was an old one, and it really felt like beating a dead horse at this point. How many times had his father brought up Blaine Anderson throughout the years?

Jily Muggle AU: After being set up on a blind date neither agreed to, Lily and James decide that fake dating and staging a horrendous breakup.

I love the way bubble baths feel. So relaxing after a hard week’s work. I sit back and inhale the vanilla and brown sugar scent of my favorite bath soap. Mmmm, yeeaah. I make a mental checklist of things I need to do tomorrow. Re-organize my closet and kitchen pantry Go return a few books to the library. Can’t have any overdue books on my clean record Get some sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese from the market Watch Chopped on The Food Network.

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Warning: Slash. Don’t like it, don’t read, because that is just silly. Don’t know what slash is? That is what Wikipedia is for! Sirius Black, sixth year Gryffindor, flopped down onto the couch next to his friend Remus Lupin. The book which seemed to occupy so much of his roommate’s attention received a disdainful look.

After her best friend sets her up on a blind date, everything in Kaylee’s life changes. The Blind Date (a Nash Grier fanfiction) Nash and Anna have graduated from college and are now 24 they’ve been dating sense they were 12 years old.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Company are wholly owned by J. Rowling et. I am making no profit from their work. Updated whenever. By the way, blame greynavarre for the plot bunny. It’s her fault.

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I have no idea how this happened. One minute, Aang and Katara are all buddy buddy, the next they were mortal enemies! I think it had something to do with women’s rights, Aang said something, Katara took it the wrong way and got all defensive and Aang, being a guy, defends himself. Whatever happened, they did not want to talk to each other. We had an awkward dinner that night, and the next, and the next, and the next for about two weeks!

They didn’t even say ‘Hi!

Author’s Note: This piece was written for the Dramione Fanfiction Writers’ Trope Fest where I was randomly given the trope “Blind Date”.

Nanami is Green’s sister, Daisy Oak. Also, I stole the idea of a video phone from the anime 😛 Enjoy! It wasn’t that Nanami’s intentions were bad, Green knew. She was under the impression that she was doing both her friends and her younger brother a favor by setting them up on dates every once in awhile. Green had mixed feelings about his sister being a pseudo-pimp for him, never mind the fact that he had no interest whatsoever in any of Nanami’s girlfriends. No matter how much Green complained to anyone who would listen, he always caved into Nanami’s requests to go out with her friends.

He would be. Yes, kat and tv shows. Cartoon physics: it was weird, casper, casper kat dating sim 2 love triangle gba.

It extremely fanfiction fault, too, of course. She should have this better not to look for a woman who could turn to be her best friend. Only, she for been sure Maura.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Lily strongly believed that there was a one in a trillion chance that she’d ever find the right guy for her by going on blind dates. Time to prove her wrong. Chapter 1: Meet Lily In the summer of Lily Evans sixth year, she sat in her room, buried in her studies. You know how it is Top student in everything, exceptional at Charms especially, and very good looking.

You know, red hair, almond-shaped green eyes, great figure, yeah. Currently, she was on her way to her final year at Hogwarts, which grieved Lily very much, for Hogwarts had become more than a home to her. Lily sighed and put down her things. She loved her sister, yes, but lately she had been acting vicious and nasty towards Lily than ever before. Lily’s mother sighed. He’s absolutely horrible. Rose, Lily’s mom looked pretty much exactly the same as Lily, except for the eyes.

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