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Use this for Imported and UK motorcycles that have lost their registrations, when no evidence of the original registration is available. Important Note: The Dating letter supplied is in no way a guarantee of Authenticity of the vehicle and you should make your own investigations into the provenance of any Classic Motorcycle. The VJMC is authorised to The VJMC cannot Requirements for Age Related certificate:- Please use the link above for form. Clear photographs of the complete Stamped Frame and Engine numbers are required and, Vin plate if fitted. Chalk or marker pen rubbed into the numbers can aid photography. If evidence can’t be supplied then we reserve the right to refuse a Dating letter.

D.V.L.A. Dating Service

The dating officer of the VMCC, in conjunction with researchers, machine examiners and expert knowledge of other specialists, will conduct a search based on the information provided by the applicant to establish the date of manufacture of a vehicle. There are three ways we can help you to register a historic vehicle with the DVLA. Please see this flow chart to show the different ways to register historic vehicles.

Reclaim an original registration number, you must supply pre documentary evidence linking the frame and engine number please see page 2 of the V form explaining what evidence the DVLA will accept. Please see our A1 form for more information.

The club is authorised by the DVLA to provide a dating service for appropriate or a Dating certificate, which accurately dates the machine for which an age.

The mark allocated to a machine is related in various ways to the age of the vehicle. For some owners this is acceptable but for most, particularly those with classic machines, a number plate of the style in use when the bike was new is preferable. To get a certificate, please start by first of all filling in the form at the bottom of the page with the bike and your details.

You will receive a reply asking you to email preferable or send in any supporting documentation you have eg. You should also provide a picture of the bike from each side and the engine and frame numbers. The pictures should show the bike in the form it is going to be when licensed so it must be substantially complete.

Applying for an Age Related Number

I have now been the elected committee member to liaise with the DVLA on behalf of club members for many years. To re- claim an original number can be and normally is a very lengthy process. Applications can be made at any time but the vehicle must be complete. Authorisation to re- register cannot be given on disassembled vehicles.

Either write to them or go online and download them from:.

DVLA Documents Douglas Motorcycle In these cases, the Club issues a dating certificate to assist the owner in the application for an age-related UK.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Calendar Login Register. Yamaha Motorcycle Dating service. RDC best in show RD rally From Southampton. Pretty straight forward if you are changing like for like. I was notifying them that I had put a “” motor into a bike. Their letter read To update our records with the change of vehicle details, you must provide evidence from the list below choose one A receipt of purchase on headed paper, from a garage, confirming the engine number,engine size cc and the fuel type of the reconditioned or replacement engine, if one has been fitted.

An inspection report for insurance purposes. Written confirmation from the manufacturer showing the engine size and number. If the change took place before you bought the vehicle.

DVLA Crackdown on Classic Car Ages

Dear All, following the death of Kieran Shortall, it’s now me writing dating certificates for the DVLA, so you can get imported American bikes registered with V5s, and those old basket cases finally finished and registered. You’ll find details of the process at www. So far we’ve done a hundred, all eventually successful – though not all first time.

With the closing of the DVLA local offices they have lost a lot of expertise, and it has become a bureaucratic process heavily reliant on the Clubs. There are a lot of Clubs, and a couple have badly let down the DVLA by approving new frames or chassis on alleged historic vehicles, so the Clubs are having to re-register and we are being audited to make sure the vehicles actually exist and the stamped numbers are OK. It can only get harder over time, so doing the paperwork sooner is better than later.

Earlier in the year some classic car owners checked their morning post to find a letter from the DVLA, asking them to confirm the recorded date of manufacture of​.

Following the relaxation of the Covid19 lockdown in England on July 4th, the club is able to recommence machine dating services, provided that social distancing guidelines are strictly adhered to. In response to further recent easing of Covid lockdown measures, MZRC machine dating activities can re-commence in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, provided that Covid 19 controls put into place by those respective governments are followed.

Covid 19 lockdown controls have also recently been eased in Eire and therefore MZRC machine dating activities can re-commence there according to the controls laid down by the Irish government. The certificates we issue are accepted by the UK DVLA when machine keepers wish to register bikes which are not in production and the manufacturer no longer exists or no longer holds the necessary records.

Though it is not a strict requirement of the DVLA, there is a preference on their part that the Club shall inspect bikes prior to issuing a certificate. I have been the Dating Officer for well over ten years and in that time all machines being put forward for registration have been inspected with only one exception. The DVLA have straight forward criteria to enable machine dating: the machine must be a complete entity with no parts missing; the machine must be a faithful representation of the model.

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As an authorised vehicle owners club we are accredited by the DVLA Swansea to issue Dating Certificates regarding Triumph motorcycles, and to advise owners on registration matters. During this time many records were lost, destroyed or otherwise not transferred and by closure of the process in many existing vehicles were not on the new system. Under no circumstances should you send original documents to Swansea at this stage in case of loss.

Either way the first step is to obtain a dating certificate based on the frame number of your motorcycle. We need to see photos of both sides of the machine, and its frame and engine numbers, also the originals of any documentation you have to support the application.

We are accredited by the DVLA to issue Certificates of Age on Triumph first need to apply for a Dating Certificate from the appropriate vehicle enthusiasts club.

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Your vehicle must meet the road vehicles regulations if you use it on the road. If you have a classic vehicle that has not been taxed since , it might not be registered with DVLA.

If this is the case and you want to register it, follow all the instructions for registering a vehicle for the first time. Send a completed V62 form and the RF60 form if you want to register a historic vehicle in Northern Ireland. You should receive this within 4 weeks. You’ll need the vehicle’s registration number, make, model and MOT test number.

You also need to see the V5C vehicle registration certificate log book. Once you’ve bought the vehicle, you have to register it. How you register it depends on whether it has a V5C registration certificate log book.

Triumph motorcycle dating certificate

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This letter should then be passed, by the owner, to the DVLA for processing. We may be able to provide proof of production date for ‘Historic Vehicle’.

Where a vehicle does not have a registration number, you may apply for an age related one. Alternatively, if you require an age related number because of lack of evidence relating to the original registration, the age related number can be substituted for the original, subject to approval. The decision of the Records Officers as to whether or not an application will be endorsed is final and if rejected, the Club fee is not refundable.

Please note – the Records Officers are very busy and it may take up to 10 days before they can reply to your application. Find the numbers on an early Norton? Find the numbers on a Featherbed Norton? The Norton Owners Club Limited. Registered in England No. VAT Reg No

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