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Hand-wrought strap hinges, such as these from D. Mitchell, attach to the surface of the door, often helping to hold it together, and swing on a pintle that can be anchored to the frame in various ways. Photo: courtesy of D. Since historic door hardware is even older than America — yet one of the richest forms of the industry today — a quick rundown of the primary types, materials and terms can be valuable background for anyone shopping for historically appropriate fittings. Mitchell — where instead of a long strap the leaf is fashioned into a split that resembles horns. The pintle end might be fashioned into a spike for anchoring into the door frame, or it might extend into a projection called a rat tail that helped mount the pintle to the frame surface. Smaller doors and cabinets made use of H and HL hinges that, contrary to lore, were not references to His Lord contrived by pious Puritans, but simply ways to better distribute the load. Whatever the origins, Dave Mitchell of D.

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Posted on January 15, 28 Comments. We see a lot of glass door knobs here at the Hippo Hardware. Not only in terms of style, but age as well. Glass doorknobs were produced widely for over 50 years! Although the glass part of the knob is the flash and style, a big trick to dating them is in the metal base.

Jun 22, – Original reclaimed pair of Victorian brass beehive door knobs. A superb quality pair dating from circa The reeded beehive pattern is to the.

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Find the right look with our selection of doorknobs available in a broad range of styles and finishes. We offer several styles to help you narrow down the choices. Whether looking for styles to fit your Tudor style home or your modern aesthetic, we have knobs to meet the need. There are plenty of reasons to update your door handles.

The following are questions I am frequently asked – with ANSWERS!

Crystal doorknobs are not made from quartz crystals — they are made from glass. All the rage in the first 30 years of the 20th century, molded glass and cut-glass crystal doorknobs first appeared in the beginning of the 19th century. Manufactured to last — which makes them prized possessions when you can find them — crystal glass doorknobs have a solid metal shank and mount. You can also buy reproductions made with glass or plastics and cheaper metal alloys, but identifying real glass crystal doorknobs starts with holding one in your hand to get its feel.

The process of making glass doorknobs began in , but they didn’t catch on until , after the U. Before that time, metal alloy doorknobs were more common, but the war caused a shortage of metal that allowed the crystal doorknob to gain center stage.

Rim lock hardware is used on the surface of a door when the door isn’t thick enough to have lock hardware mortised into it. Dating back from the ‘s, they​.

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How to Identify Crystal Doorknobs

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Door Hardware: latches, knobs, hinges, key covers, keys, and fastening hardware as well as other door construction details may all be indicators of building age. Here we provide a photo gallery and comments about door hardware from various countries, and where possible we include dates and historical information.

Above: this brass door viewing opening in Buenos Aires, Argentina, permits the occupants to inspect the caller before deciding whether or not to open the door.

Our Antique Door Hardware will help you complete your home restoration project quickly and easily. Whether it’s Door Locksets, Door Hinges or Door Knobs.

Well, that is exactly what many old home magazines have been doing in the recent years. Antique hardware has become not only an interest to the old home restorer, but a major field in collectibles. The historic and aesthetic value of antique hardware was recognized by a group of people in the s, which organized as the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America in , a nonprofit whose purpose is the study and preservation of ornamental hardware.

So, what about the earlier hardware, which a good number of us in the Northeast living in homes dating before might have or had in them? I myself have chosen to live in and restore an early 19th century house and must decide with what I am going to replace the cheap hollow doors with their non-descript brass plated doorknobs installed in the s.

With an acute interest in the early years of our nation, its transition from a colonial economy to an industrial economy and its search for national identity, I have been studying our industrial revolution and early architectural styles. Since the formulation of the idea of grasping a round object to open a door, doorknobs have been the subject of technical development and artistic expression, taking on many shapes and ornamentation and made in various materials; glass, metal, clay, porcelain, wood, plastic and other contrived compositions.

Dating of hardware is often quite difficult, particularly with the early wrought iron pieces. Historically most hardware before the midth centuries came from England. In fact, it has been claimed that as late as , ninety-five percent of hardware used in America was imported from Europe. Actually, our early blacksmiths produced very little during and immediately after our Colonial period. Their few existing account books do confirm that they mostly repaired iron items and occasionally made nails and some latches and hinges.

The colonies were expected to supply the raw materials i.

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Hugely popular with collectors, doorknobs offer a simple way to give a home a touch of class with relatively minimal outlay. The most sought after doorknobs date to the 19th and early 20th centuries, as ornamentation was at its peak during this time. One of the most straightforward ways to determine the age of any object is to look at the design.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. There once was a time — 80 or so years ago — when multifaceted glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers were standard issue in new homes.

Today, they are mined like diamonds at salvage yards and flea markets.

Check your orders details for the estimated date,2,5″ knob width, Architectural Antique, Round Plates.

Coats Homes is honored to serve the Park Cities and Preston Hollow neighborhoods as a custom home builder. Spruce up your front door with hardware and door knockers from our great selection. We carry everything related to exterior door hardware and free shipping is included! Large window chalkboard with a beautiful vintage brass escutcheon and vintage glass doorknob. There are 4 hooks where you can hang your keys and a window lift to hold chalk.

It also has 2 very rustic skeleton keys hung with string for decoration. Measures 50 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Great useful gift for a friend or yourself. Shipping is an estimate, I always refund overpaid shipping. If you would like a shipping quote please email me your zip code. He had taken some photos of some and while he was doing so I thought to myself “why on earth would you be photographing a door knob”?

You can get some pretty neat pics. Now what’s really funny is that when I photograph door knobs I’ll notice people walking by with a strange, curious look on their faces and I know exactly what they’re thinking. Vintage Glass Door Knobs.

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They are defined by the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America as those antique knobs that have a cream body, with one of two different glazes applied. The other method, perfected in , was the Flint enamel glaze. This method used metallic salts fired on over a translucent under-glaze to achieve the richly mingled colors.

The clays found around the Albany NY area were a natural glacial clay with a high iron content, and were used extensively in the early s pottery industry. Another glazing method used a clear glaze of composed mainly of feldspar and flint, and this would permit the marble-like swirls of the various clays used in the knob body to show through. So it is easy to mistake this naturally derived product for genuine marble.

Doorknobs, too, have a tale to tell. Mortise locksets with ornate metal or glass knobs suggest late 19th-century construction dates, while those with.

Possibly the largest online resource for both original and reproduction door knobs in the UK. Matching pairs of fantastic original Art Deco square handled door handles on quite a large back plate. The backplates have a stepped design, top an The handles are have a raised center and the back p The relatively thick pressed bra They original These have qu Matching pairs of antique Victorian door handles, these examples have a Goose egg shaped handle rather than a ball or oval and are in a mid tone of Antique Edwardian oval door handles mounted on a large rectangular back plate with 6 countersunk screw holes.

We’ve had this exact style a few time Lovely quality pair of antique Edwardian mortice door handles with a double collar on the stem.